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A devoted football lover and in a beautiful relationship with FC Barcelona.

In love with too many footballers.
Lionel Messi is the ruler of my world, Fernando Torres is my sunshine and Busi is my soul mate.

A very proud Muslim from Bangladesh.

Football is my escape from the cruel reality.

"Some say football is a matter of life and death, I can assure it is something much more than that." -Bill Shankly

(Previously footballrulesmyworld and thefootballw4y

So I decided to do a follow forever. I just want to thank you people for being so amazing and decorating my dashboard with your awesome posts. You guys are some of the most wonderful people I got the pleasure of knowing. Even though I don’t know a lot of you guys that well I think all of you’re perfect! I hope we all can be like best friends someday. :) Thank you once again for following me and making me smile in the darkest days.

Love ya all!

Stay perfect x

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(note: i’m officially changing my url to football-s ^.^) 

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