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A devoted football lover and in a beautiful relationship with FC Barcelona.

In love with too many footballers.
Lionel Messi is the ruler of my world, Fernando Torres is my sunshine and Busi is my soul mate.

A very proud Muslim from Bangladesh.

Football is my escape from the cruel reality.

"Some say football is a matter of life and death, I can assure it is something much more than that." -Bill Shankly

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get to know me: [5/5] Athletes
"I’ve matured a lot thanks to my teammates and the coaches. I’ve had some moments that I’ve come out of stronger and some good ones that make me even better. Playing with this team makes you strong with all the big games you are involved in."
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Nephew of Ivan Rakitic: “Lionel… Messi!”

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 asdfghjkl Aw;  
Surprise beautiful person! Once you get this, you must put it into at least 8 people's asks (anonymously) who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing bad will happen, but it is nice to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Help spread Anon love, not hate :D


Awww you’re so sweet :’) thank you! xx

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AFA (Argentinian Football Federation) has received this award for their performance at the World Cup.

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Messi needs to start scoring or bye bye ballon d'or


Honestly, I don’t care man.
Messi has shifted to the playmaker position, it’s highly unlikely he will be scoring like before. As long as we win trophies, it doesn’t matter who wins ballon d’or.
I have seen him lift it 4 consecutive times, I have seen him play a wc final, I have seen him break records after records and I couldn’t be happier. People expect too much from him, he’s under ceaseless pressure. Can’t we just try and enjoy his mere presence on that pitch instead of constantly wanting him to score goals? He’s still that breathtaking player and I m so excited about what he’s gonna do this season.

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8,15,49,66,72,89,97 :))


8. The one time football made you so happy you couldn’t stop smiling for days: ucl 2011 and argentina’s wc win against Netherlands

15. Name 3 most despicable figures in football in your opinion (coaches, players, owners, companies, anyone…): Pepe, rosell, that’s it I guess

49. Dirtiest player in the game today? What was the last dirty thing he Did: Pepe and Luis have been quite dirty over the years, we all know the things they did

66. A player you wish would leave your team: honestly none I wanted song to leave and he’s gone now so…

72. The most embarrassing moment as a fan: can’t remember

89. A player who just makes you smile with all the things he does off the pitch: Messi

97. A player who turns 10x more attractive when he speaks: Nando

Thank you so much xx

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stop comparing cristiano and messi for the love of God

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lol Leo likes Sprite, it's like the best thing ever


Haha yes :)

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"FC Barcelona - More Than A Club" In theatres March 2015

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What? Leo doesn't drink water xD


Whoa what? XD

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This is the list of what each play of Barça will eat tomorrow

Piqué, Sergi and Ter Stegen like nutella sandwiches and that’s all I need to know good bye

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11, 13, 14, 16, 66, 67 ♥


11. Five players you really admire purely based on football: Leo, Basti, Busi, Javier, Ivan (there are many more but this is my current list)

13. Five most underrated players in your opinion: Romero, Javier, Busi, Zabaleta, Ivanovic

14. Five most overrated players in your opinion: Ramos, Fellaini (sorry if I spelt his name wrong), Theo, hulk and nani

16. What makes your favorite coach better than other coaches?: he’s different and knows what he’s doing, he doesn’t try to change things and always keeps a good relationship with his players. He’s smart and has a way with words

66. A player you wish would leave your team: honestly, none. I wanted song to leave and he’s gone now so…

67. A rival player you wish had joined your team: Rojo :’3 

Thanks xx

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I know right? but once a cutie always a cutie. It's kind of freaky to think about how pale Leo is. Sometimes I wonder if he gets sunburnt during the holidays xD



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